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The 12th Ten Mile Walk on Sunday 16 June, 2013

The Ten Mile Walkers ready to go. June 2013.

On our twelfth Ten Mile Walk, members and friends of our group set out again to raise people’s awareness about human rights. Along the 16-kilometre route we distributed flyers and balloons for Amnesty International. It was great to see that the public was especially responsive in the heart of Berlin around the Bundestag and the Brandenburg Gate. Around twenty of us from different countries and age groups walked through the capital city this year in some gorgeous sunshine.

There were more young people this year. And the fact that Paul (14) and David (18) have been walking with us since the event was founded in 2002 is really impressive. Not only that, they are the best donation collectors along the route that anyone could wish for! Many of the walkers also ask families and friends to sponsor them for every mile (or kilometre) we walk. Our target was to raise €1,000 euros, and happily we managed to exceed that, raising over €1300 on the Amnesty-in-Bewegung website. But basically, anyone can walk with us, freely and without any financial obligations.

Before the start at Café Dollinger in Charlottenburg we and interested passers-by wrote greetings cards to the human rights activists of WOZA in Zimbabwe, which were then posted by the youngest walkers at the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg. The elections are due at the end of July in Zimbabwe. Amnesty International is very concerned and especially wants to prevent any repeat of the state brutality inflicted on peaceful demonstrators in the run-up to the elections of 2008. WOZA’s message is “The Power of Love can Conquer the Love of Power”.

Since our number was relatively small on this year’s walk, we had plenty of time to talk with each other about the past year’s activities and future plans and ideas. As usual, we laughed a lot along the way, and when we passed the finishing post in Kreuzberg we received our certificates at the friendly waterside beer garden Brachvogel – relief, relaxation, food, fun and friends!

Why not come to the Ten Mile Walk 2014? You can meet the group and see Berlin!

Download the 2013 poster here!