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Suppe & Mucke on 24th August 2013

This was our second visit to the Suppe & Mucke (soup and sounds) festival, which this year took place on August 24th at Rudolfplatz in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. We once again chose to make Mulligatawny, an Indian carrot soup, which was quite a hit with the large number of visitors to our stand.

Those who came for soup were requested to read our petition asking the government of Gambia to implement a decision taken by the Court of Justice of ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States), which declared the arrest in 2006 of Ebrima B. Manneh, a journalist from Gambia, to be illegal and demanded his release from prison and a restoration of his human rights.

Though not everyone who came for soup read the petition, very many did, and we collected a great number of signatures (and also some cash contributions). Even after the soup ran out fairly early on, our volunteers stayed for another two hours or so and continued to collect signatures, so it was quite a successful day, and we sincerely hope that it will contribute to the eventual release of Gambian journalist Ebrima Manneh.