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Suppe & Mucke on 24th and 25th August 2012

Excellent weather, a colourful public and more than enough willing group members, everything was perfect for our first visit to this most unusual festival. A SOUP festival with the catchy name of Suppe & Mucke. An annual extravaganza which takes place in Berlin Friedrichshain.

On Friday afternoon, three group members made their way to the official soup kitchen and spent a couple of, at times adventurous, hours preparing the huge 25 litre pot of Mulligatawny soup which would be stored overnight by the organisers.

On Saturday our stand was set up and raring to go by the official festival start time of 2pm, the only thing missing was the soup and a means of heating it up. This was all sorted out by 3pm and for the next 3 hours we dished out our soup and informed the public about the Shell oil company’s responsibilities in dealing with the oil spillage catastrophe in the Niger Delta. At 6pm the soup was all gone and our petition was 367 signatures better off.

All in all we had a great time and will more than likely be back next year.