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English-speaking group Berlin (1312)


Our Materials

Group Flyer

Our group flyer: General information about our group and how to support us.

Exhibition on Children’s Human Rights violations

Our latest poster exhibition highlights and consists of twelve A2 sized posters. It will be displayed at various locations during the coming months, but you can also have a look here! If you are interested in displaying this exhibition or know of any locations (libraries, schools, town halls, etc) that may have an interest, please contact info[at]

Human Rights Knots

As the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International approaches, we'd like to share one of our ideas for group activities.

Human rights knots are a brilliant way of striking up a conversation with passers-by, and they are extremely easy to produce (we often have a folding session while discussing other projects at our group meetings). Each knot contains one article of the UDHR in German and another language. We like using them at stands, but they can also be distributed after concerts, during fundraising events, at readings ... the list is endless. A document containing step-by-step instructions (in German!) and copy-ready masters of the knots in 15 languages is available here (pdf-Datei, 450 KB).

Human Rights Quiz

How good is your knowledge of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Test yourself with our quiz!