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Marathon Relay at Tempelhof Airport on 22 November 2015

On a very chilly Sunday morning, five of us gathered at Tempelhof to run the 2015 Airfield relay marathon. This year, due to the heightened security situation, things were a little different, with bag checks being carried out on everyone entering the hangar. This delayed the start by 30 minutes so it was 11:00 before our first runner, Mahmoud was able to set off and begin the team's brave effort to deal with the elements on the open field.

Mahmoud was followed quickly (relatively) by Murat and Mary. The going was chilly, with a nippy wind whipping at our ears on the return stretch but the sun did peep out occasionally. We thought we had escaped the worst of what had been forecast before Asma set out on her 10K stretch. It was her first run ever and when she was on her second round the field disappeared under a sudden heavy snow shower. But undaunted, Asma completed her round, and came in smiling, having been bitten by the running bug.

As this was not our fastest year ever, our final runner Friederike did not get a chance to go for the last 5K. But our hearts were in it and we gave of our best. And last but not least, we have so far raised over €600. Sponsor us online!

Thanks to Marisa for being our official photographer and to David and Cecilia for their support. And none if this at all would have been possible if hadn't been organized by Susannah who got the team together and kept finding reserves when the winter bugs started picking off runners. We'll be back next year and hopefully with Susannah on the team!!