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Locktow Kite Festival on Sunday 9th of October 2011

The Locktow Kite Festival is a yearly event that takes place on an airfield south-west of Berlin. It attracts a good mix of people, from locals out for the day with their children to kite enthusiasts from all over Germany, who come to show off their most elaborate toys. After a couple of days of wind and rain, there were a few doubts about how the event would go (especially for those of us who had chosen to take the train and then cycle from the nearest station!), but the day dawned bright and sunny with a perfect breeze. With a fantastic turnout of 1312 members, the group stood out nicely in our yellow t-shirts at a stand that had been provided for us in the middle of the row of food and toy stalls. Before long, we also had our group kite up, trailing a large Amnesty banner over the field.

The topic of the day was a campaign against the death penalty, and the focus of the petition was Belarus - the last country in Europe to still use capital punishment. This sparked some lively discussions, but in general the theme was well received and we were pleased to add 120 signatures to our petition. As always, we had Amnesty balloons on offer for the children but we also played some very successful games of human rights dice with them and got good at spotting the human rights lawyers of the future. As always, the organisers were very welcoming, announcing our presence several times over the course of the day and recommending that people come talk to us about our petition. We look forward to seeing everyone there again next year!