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Locktow Kite Festival on 13 October 2012

It was another beautiful autumn day at the Locktow kite festival this year, but as opposed to last year's blustery conditions this time there was very little wind which made kite flying a bit of a problem. After persevering most of the day we did eventually manage to get our banners flying even if it was short lived.

This year we had two petitions for the public to sign, one was our ongoing Gambian case of Ebrima B. Manneh and the other, a new case for us, from Cambodia concerning Yorm Bopha.

As usual before lunch was a little slow, but later on things picked up a bit and a grand total of 138 signatures were collected for our two petitions.

A big thank you to all who turned up and helped, also to the organizers of the festival for once again allowing us to do our work.