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Locktow Kite Festival on 14 October 2012

It was a beautiful, blustery day at the Locktow kite festival this year which was excellent for kite flying but caused a little bit of a problem as far as our many flyers and petitions were concerned. But after two of the team were delegated the "holding onto everything during heavy gusts" duties' the rest could go about the task of informing the public about the terrible forced evictions situation in Cambodia.

The morning shift was a little slow, but later on things picked up a bit and a grand total of 161 signatures were collected for our current petition.

As usual, a big thank you to all who turned up and helped, to the organizers of the festival for once again allowing us to do our work and also this year a very special thank you to the Swiss Section for lending us their excellent banners.

Here is a YouTube video of the banners begin put to use.