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Letter Writing Marathon on the Occasion of International Human Rights Day: 10th December 2012

For the second time, the location we chose for our contribution to Amnesty's Global Letter Writing Marathon was the Humboldt University library at the Grimmme Centre in Berlin Mitte.

To our surprise, there was a queue of students waiting outside the building when we arrived to set up our stand at 10 am on a blustery Saturday morning. Luckily, we had permission to operate in the large, warm foyer and with the friendly help of the library staff, we were ready to go by 10.30.

The cases we chose to collect signatures for this year were Fatima Hussein Badi from Yemen and Jean Claude Roger Mbede from Cameroon. After 6 hours of interaction with Berlin's student population, we had the fantastic total of 327 signed letters.

A big thank you to Frau Tollkühn for allowing us to use the library premises.