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International Women's Day 2008

March 8th is international women's day and we marked the occasion with a procession along Kurfürstendamm. Following on from the success of our mobile stand in December last year, we decided to repeat the idea.

Our bicycle was laden with posters and slogans about the human rights situation in China. As we accompanied the bicycle, we handed out flowers we had made from felt, distributed flyers about International Women's Day and collected signatures for campaigns in China, Mexico and Sierra Leone. All of the campaigns are aimed at improving women's rights. Once again, we had a successful and enjoyable day. We were pleasantly surprised at the international presence on the Ku'Damm, with so much friendly support, particularly from Swedish and Dutch tourists. The event was organised jointly by our group, the women's group and the regional district of Amnesty International. This is a great example of our group in action - we are always keen to join in with other groups and provide our support and assistance.