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English-speaking group Berlin (1312)


International Day of Human Rights 2007

December 10th is the International Day of Human Rights. This was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of human rights on the streets of Berlin. We took a leading role in organising a unique event which was supported by several other groups in Berlin.

The central point of our event was a freight bicycle which was laden with posters and human rights information. We paraded this through famous areas of Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate along Unter den Linden to Alexanderplatz, then over to the Gendarmenmarkt towards Potsdamer Platz.

A group of Amnesty members decked out in yellow smocks accompanied the bicycle and approached passers-by, collecting signatures for letters and petitions. We also gave away leaflets containing individual articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to all and sundry.

We adopted the Amnesty International campaign Gold für die Menschenrechte (Gold for human rights). This campaign focuses on human rights abuses in China in the year of the Beijing Olympics. It aims to inform people about the death penalty, unfair trials, censorship and the persecution of human rights activists. These occur all too frequently in China.

The event was a great success and we intend to use it as a template for further campaigns in the future.