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Letter writing marathon 2015 at the Grimm Centre library of the Humboldt University

Asking visitors to the Grimm Centre Library to sign letters for the Amnesty Letter Writing Marathon on Human Rights Day is becoming something of a tradition for our group, and we are thankful for such a location on a usually cold December the 10th.

This year we picked the cases of Mohammad Bekzhanov from Uzbekistan and Teodora Del Carmen Vásquez from El Salvador.

We were active from 10:00 until 18:00, and during the day we managed to get 282 letters signed for Muhammad Bekzhanov and 212 letters signed for Teodora Del Carmen. Giving us a super total of 494.

Many thanks for the support from some of the Humboldt University Amnesty group members and as always a special thanks to Frau Tollkühn and the Library itself.