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English-speaking group Berlin (1312)


Letter writing marathon 2014 at the Grimm Centre library of the Humboldt University


December 10th is International Human Rights Day and Amnesty groups around the globe join forces to collect signatures on behalf of individuals or groups of human rights defenders and hundreds of thousands of people sign letters or petitions, send SMS messages or take action online.

Once again this year we were active with a stand at the Grimm Centre, the library of the Humboldt University in Berlin and this time we were supported admirably by the Amnesty University Group themselves.

As always we chose to work with two of the available cases and we asked the public to sign letters on behalf of Paraskevi Kokon from Greece and Raif Badawi from Saudi Arabia. You can find out more information about and sign letters for these cases here.

We set an all-time group record this year: in total we managed to get 519 letters signed, 259 for Paraskevi Kokon and 260 for Raif Badawi, which makes the time and effort all worthwhile.

As usual we are very grateful to Frau Tollkühn from the Humboldt University library for supporting our work and allowing us, yet again, to have a stand at the Centre – thank you very much.