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Successful Letter writing marathon 2013 at the Grimm Centre library of the Humboldt University, on 10 December 2013

December 10th is International Human Rights Day, and for many years now it has also been the day when Amnesty International's world-wide “Letter writing marathon” takes place. Amnesty groups around the globe join forces to collect signatures on behalf of twelve individuals or groups of human rights defenders, and hundreds of thousands of people sign letters or petitions, send SMS messages or take action online.

For the fourth year in a row, we were part of this event with a stand at the Grimm Centre, the library of the Humboldt University in Berlin, on 10 December.

Keeping up our long-standing work on Nigeria and against forced evictions, we asked people to sign letters for the community of Badia East in Lagos State, Nigeria , where on 23 February 2013, 2,237 households were made destitute when their homes were demolished by the authorities.

We also asked for signatures for letters on behalf of Miriam López. In February 2011, she was held in a military barracks in the city of Tijuana in Mexico, where she was raped repeatedly by soldiers and tortured.

In total, we managed to get 321 letters signed, 142 for Badia East and 179 for Miriam López, which we proudly sent off.

We are grateful to Frau Pfeifenberger and Frau Tollkühn from the Humboldt University library for supporting our work and allowing us yet again to have a stand at the Grimm Zentrum – thank you so much.