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International Human Rights Day, December 10th 2012: Letter Writing Marathon

Once again this year we decided to concentrate our efforts for the 2012 "Letter Writing Marathon" on a stand in the foyer of the Humboldt University Library at the Grimm Centre. The day before Albrecht got us off to a fantastic start by getting sixty letters signed at a service of his local church, so our sights were set high. This year, for the first time, we decided to extend our stay and be there for 8 hours as opposed to 6. We divided ourselves into 2 hour shifts and we were up and running just after 10am. After a slow start things picked up, then ebbed and flowed throughout the day. Sometimes the signatures on the letters came willingly and at other times long interesting discussions were held with some very knowledgeable students. The letters were placed in envelopes, stamps were affixed and gradually our symbolic post boxes were filled to the brim. As a group we are proud to say that on the 11th of December we were able to send 218 letters, on behalf of Azza Suleiman, to Egypt and 186 letters and post cards, on behalf of Gao Zhisheng, to China.

And last but not least, once again, a big thank you to Frau Tollkühn for allowing us to use the library premises.