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Forced Evictions

Extract from the Amnesty International Annual Report 2013:

"The crisis over land continued, with forced evictions, land disputes and land-grabbing affecting thousands of people and resulting in a rise in protests. In May, the government announced a moratorium on granting Economic Land Concessions (ELCs), and a review of existing ELCs to ensure that they conformed with existing regulations. Several ELCs were granted after the moratorium. In June, the Prime Minister launched a project to allocate land titles to people living inside state forests, and economic and other land concessions. Thousands of student volunteers were tasked with mapping land and collecting information on occupancy.

  • In a violent forced eviction in January, the homes of around 300 families living in Borei Keila, central Phnom Penh, were destroyed by construction workers from a development company. Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets against the residents, and rocks, logs and bottles were thrown during clashes. More than 64 people were reportedly injured, and eight people arrested. The evictees were taken to two relocation sites outside Phnom Penh with no adequate sanitation, housing or work opportunities. Some 125 families refused to go, and remained in squalid conditions near their former homes."

A full Amnesty International report "Cambodia: Rights razed: Forced evictions in Cambodia" is available here. Further information on this alarming issue is available from the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has produced a very interesting documentary on forced evictions in Phnom Penh, which is available in three parts on youtube. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3