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The Day of Democrats on Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Day of Democrats is a yearly event at Rathenow in Brandenburg, demonstrating the town's resistance to far-right activities in the region. One of the organisers is the head teacher of a large school, which results in the participation of many high school students. Each year, Amnesty's Human Rights Education Group has been invited to set up a stand on a central square in the town.

On 25 September, our group teamed up with the Human Rights Education group to run a stand and a game for children. Their challenge was to identify a “wrong” human right from five suggestions, four of which were taken from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition, we collected signatures in support of Roma children in Slovakia, who are presently taught in separate classes in Slovakian schools. The most prominent visitors were the mayor of Rathenow and Frau Jähmlich, the central organiser and head teacher of the main high school.