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MOVIE: Born this way

5 years in jail for a kiss. Or a text message. Or the way you dress. If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) person in Cameroon, it is the penalty you face just for being who you are.

"Born this way", a documentary by Shaun Kadlec and Deb Tullmann that ran in the official selection of the Berlinale 2013, portrays gay and lesbian people in Cameroon, the difficulties and dangers they face just because of their sexual orientation and their longing for a life they are forbidden to have. It also shows the work of Cameroonian Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Association for the Defence of the Rights of Homosexuals (Association pour la Défense des Droits des Homosexuel(le)s – ADEFHO) founded in 2003 by Alice Nkom, who has just received the Human Rights Award of Amnesty International Germany, which help to protect the rights of LGBTI in Cameroon.

Join us for a free screening of the movie on Wednesday 9 April 2014, 7:30 pm (19:30 hours) at BetaHaus, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, directly on Moritzplatz, 10969 Berlin - Kreuzberg (English/French original version with German subtitles, 82 minutes)

Unexpected success at Beta Haus

Forty something people turned up for our free screening of the documentary "Born this way" on LGBTI rights in Cameroon at Beta Haus on Wednesday 9 April 2014. After a few technical glitches (never trust a sound system, as professional as it may look, until you have tested it) the screening went ahead as planned and took us straight to Cameroon: To the challenges and problems LGBTI people there face just because they want to live, and love, as they please, to the courageous people from local Non Governmental Organisations who support LGBTI people, and to lawyer Alice Nkom and her colleagues and their struggle to win recognition for LGBTI rights in court. A sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting movie, but also one that motivates to continue the fight for human rights. Interesting discussions ensued afterwards and petitions to the President of Cameroon, asking him to abolish the law that threatens LGBTI people with up to five years of imprisonment, were signed.

A big thank you to Laurie for organising the evening and to Beta Haus for allowing us to screen the movie for free!